RVS jQueryLoader


This plugin adds Googles jQuery support to Joomla! and is compatible with Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7.

It will by default load a minimized jQuery library in the frontend. There are parameters to load it also in the backend. If you want to load a different version of jQuery, you can change that in the parameters as well. The default version of jQuery will be the latest stable version if jQuery at the time of the latest release of this extension.

In order to install this extension, you can use the following instructions

  1. Download and install the package file using the extension manager
  2. Go to the plugin manager in the administrator interface and open the plugin
  3. Enable the plugin and configure which applications the plugin will be active for
  4. Save

Contributions and bug reports

For information on how to contribute or report bugs, please refer to the information at the main extension page


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RVS JQueryLoader
RVS JQueryLoader
Version: 1.0


Version 1.0

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